Saturday, March 7, 2009

What do you think i'd see if i could walk away from me ?

 I chose this quote from the song  "Candy Says " ( Velvet underground ) as a title to introduce my fascination for the sixties that you are bound to hear about in this blog . 
     there's so much to say that i would love to express freely but i have to admit my english level is not remarkable . I' ll start by introducing myself , even though it's quite " cliche " . 
 My name is Naomi , but i often invent myself other names as i recreate a new personality that matches . They're quite ridiculous but i don't take myself too seriously so that works : " Nico" is my favorite one , it refers to The singer of the Velvet underground and an important persona of the andy Warhol's factory . 
  I'm from France , " Paris " to be precise , a city that i love for its fashion ,its monuments , its heritage and the list goes on . It's a very social city , you tend to go out a lot and enjoy " paris by night " . My favorite places include Saint-Germain and Montmartre .  People always talk about Paris as a romantic city , i feel stupid because i never experienced  love  in Paris although i have to say " entre nous " that the boys/men are simply gorgeous , a bit bad too but us girls love that , don't we? 
 I'm currently in High School but in less than a year i'll be somewhere , studying litterature and cinema , well i hope . I'm also very interested in the fashion industry , i don't have a favorite designer but my preferences revolve around Diane Von Furstenberg , Chloe , Stella McCartney , Oscar de La Renta ( if one day i get to walk on the red carpet , you will see me in one of his dresses ) and Gucci ... but then again i'm not an expert ( yet ) .  My fashion Icons are Edie Sedgwick , Janis Joplin but i also like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss . 

Oh , and i love music , rock'n'roll,  Led Zeppelin , The Yardbirds , Jimi Hendrix  ; punk rock ,  I am a huge fan of The Clash and especially Joe Strummer ; folk , Bob Dylan ; Soul and reggae . 
I don't really like 00's artists although i do enjoy The Babyshambles , Coldplay . . . 

 Anyway , i'm not going to reveal myself in one article because i have many more to write yet poor inspiration . This Blog evolves around all that i find entertaining ( society , trends , fashion , art , litterature , cinema , existential problematics .. ) 


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