Sunday, March 8, 2009

A " mod masterpiece " Blowup .

 A " Chef d'oeuvre " by Michelangelo Antonioni. This film is about art though it includes a tint of mystery . 
  Thomas , a  skilled Fashion photographer ( David Hemmings , statuesque and alluring man , god , god , god ) is bored with his models , his life and lacks inspiration . 
The artist tries to find peace and decides to takes pictures in  a quite placid parc illuminated by a lucent sun . He begins photographing two lovers but a short moment after one of them ,the woman , rushes at him with fury and requests the roll . 

 Thomas later discovers by executing blowups ( enlargement of the photos ) a corpse lying in the grass ( He returns to the parc and finds it there )  Although we guess that the woman is involved in this peculiar death the truth is never revealed to us nor is it revealed to Thomas . In fact , the body vanishes a few days after as Thomas begins to think it might have been a delusion

The movie ends with Thomas watching a group of harlequin like students who mime a game of tennis , he is finally drawn into it and throws a conceptual ball at them . Lastly , Thomas slowly fades leaving a empty field .. just as the corpse previously dissolved . 

  I love this movie not only because it evolves around the sixties era but also because it encircles art  in a mysterious way  . 

Art is transcendental . 


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