Saturday, March 7, 2009

La Parisienne .

  I was reading a french magazine earlier today and i saw this article about how foreigners ste
reotype the parisian woman . I though it was quite interesting and funny  because most of them think we all resemble Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot . 
   Stereotype # 1 : The french woman is Sexy 
  Some are , some aren't . It's pure logic  . They think we're so sexual but i've been to american parties where teenage girls were wearing a bunny costume, laces  in the most vulgar way , it made me think of a lipgloss orgy.. moving on ..  
Stereotype # 2 : The french woman never shaves 
Uhh .. okay perhaps we didn't during the world war II because we were busy getting killed but nowadays i assure you that our armpits are clean . 
 Stereotype # 3 : The french woman smokes
 i agree with this , in fact i'm a smoker . 
    Most people think that sublime parisian women delicately smoke  cigarettes and look absolutely divine .  I think we manage to still look classy with killer tobacco and that's pretty amazing i must say . . You immediately think of the beautiful woman sitting in a " cafe " drinking a coffee and smoking " the " cigarette ;  the Femme Fatale  , so cliche but i love it .  
   Anyway that's my opinion   and everyone has theirs of course but i do think that the myth of the french woman is pathetic and over estimated .. 


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