Sunday, March 8, 2009

En Vogue .

 LuLa ,
      as myself , is very fond of fashion and we both study it with delectation . She just started her blog and her first article is about the whole fashion week craze and the looks she adored , and the ones she disliked . 
  I agree with her comments , but all opinions are welcomed and that's what so great about art , sometime you understand it , you love it or you just find it hideous
 Lula exposed a lot of collections including Donna Karan's , Calvin Klein's ( the black jacket is pure splendor ) , Carolina Herrera's , Micheal Kors [ perfect exemple of what i don't get , the neon green voluminous jacket is just dreadful , but then again it's my judgment ] and many more . 
Her comments are executed with precise arguments and a twist of expertise . 
   Lula , princess of the bohemian chic , on the verge of becoming America's next top Sienna Miller , has great taste when it comes to fashion so here's the adress , make sure you check it out : 
 photos of  Charlotte Ronson , Carolina Herrera , Calvin Klein 's collection . 
love , 
Nico .

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