Monday, March 9, 2009

i'm so bored ( with the USA )

Belle de jour by Luis Bunuel.
You should know that i am the MOST hyperactive person in this planet , i scream , i dance like a crazy dog and more activities that satisfy my fully loaded energy .
After smoking cigarettes , singing Edith Piaf's " Milord " out loud , turning in circles , jumping around and behaving like a total mental person , I am trapped in this library where there is absolutely nothing to do and hundreds of kids who won't let me R.I.P ( read in peace ) .. .

Wiki says " Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them "

anyway , i just read a considerable article about John Cassavetes . You might know him from Rosemary's baby by Polanski ( He plays mia farrow's husband ) I haven't seen enough of his films to officialy say that he is one of my favorite directors but i loved a woman under the influence and Gloria and i am impatient to see Shadows .

Oh and i also went through an article about 69' , a scandalous year also known as part of the " annees erotiques " .. woodstock , jane birkin and Gainsbourg's " je t'aime moi non plus " , Led Zeppelin , Hair a musical comedy starring all the hippies there could be , Vietnam war , Armstrong and the first steps on the moon ... the least to say is that it was a eventful year .. psychedelic . The article mentionned Richard Barry as they speak about how this era had pronounced hesitations concerning the conception of art . Art then became quite " physically minimalist and realistic " .. That's nice.

I also started reading Alberto Moravia's Le Paradis , a collection of short stories revolving around confronted and muddled women . My favorite one so far is titled L'orgie ( The orgy ) , a woman spies on her neighbor , another woman who physically resembles her yet the two are very different. The first one is a mother and wife living a traditional way of life with many prerogatives . The second one has three lovers , drinks vodka in the morning and is pretty careless .. ENTHRALLMENT i guess .

great ! more souls in this library and curious minds have come.. i'm good , i'm gone .

Nico ,

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