Monday, March 9, 2009

More and more ..

More looks i spotted on the runways , collections from spring 09 , to fall 09 , to pre-cruise 0

  Gucci  Roberto Cavalli and Stella McCartney. Lots of light, translucid  and colorful dresses , "la Femme Sauvage " is back .. love it

 Christian Dior , Fashion Week in Paris .. Fall 09'

i'm so bored ( with the USA )

Belle de jour by Luis Bunuel.
You should know that i am the MOST hyperactive person in this planet , i scream , i dance like a crazy dog and more activities that satisfy my fully loaded energy .
After smoking cigarettes , singing Edith Piaf's " Milord " out loud , turning in circles , jumping around and behaving like a total mental person , I am trapped in this library where there is absolutely nothing to do and hundreds of kids who won't let me R.I.P ( read in peace ) .. .

Wiki says " Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them "

anyway , i just read a considerable article about John Cassavetes . You might know him from Rosemary's baby by Polanski ( He plays mia farrow's husband ) I haven't seen enough of his films to officialy say that he is one of my favorite directors but i loved a woman under the influence and Gloria and i am impatient to see Shadows .

Oh and i also went through an article about 69' , a scandalous year also known as part of the " annees erotiques " .. woodstock , jane birkin and Gainsbourg's " je t'aime moi non plus " , Led Zeppelin , Hair a musical comedy starring all the hippies there could be , Vietnam war , Armstrong and the first steps on the moon ... the least to say is that it was a eventful year .. psychedelic . The article mentionned Richard Barry as they speak about how this era had pronounced hesitations concerning the conception of art . Art then became quite " physically minimalist and realistic " .. That's nice.

I also started reading Alberto Moravia's Le Paradis , a collection of short stories revolving around confronted and muddled women . My favorite one so far is titled L'orgie ( The orgy ) , a woman spies on her neighbor , another woman who physically resembles her yet the two are very different. The first one is a mother and wife living a traditional way of life with many prerogatives . The second one has three lovers , drinks vodka in the morning and is pretty careless .. ENTHRALLMENT i guess .

great ! more souls in this library and curious minds have come.. i'm good , i'm gone .

Nico ,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A " mod masterpiece " Blowup .

 A " Chef d'oeuvre " by Michelangelo Antonioni. This film is about art though it includes a tint of mystery . 
  Thomas , a  skilled Fashion photographer ( David Hemmings , statuesque and alluring man , god , god , god ) is bored with his models , his life and lacks inspiration . 
The artist tries to find peace and decides to takes pictures in  a quite placid parc illuminated by a lucent sun . He begins photographing two lovers but a short moment after one of them ,the woman , rushes at him with fury and requests the roll . 

 Thomas later discovers by executing blowups ( enlargement of the photos ) a corpse lying in the grass ( He returns to the parc and finds it there )  Although we guess that the woman is involved in this peculiar death the truth is never revealed to us nor is it revealed to Thomas . In fact , the body vanishes a few days after as Thomas begins to think it might have been a delusion

The movie ends with Thomas watching a group of harlequin like students who mime a game of tennis , he is finally drawn into it and throws a conceptual ball at them . Lastly , Thomas slowly fades leaving a empty field .. just as the corpse previously dissolved . 

  I love this movie not only because it evolves around the sixties era but also because it encircles art  in a mysterious way  . 

Art is transcendental . 


En Vogue .

 LuLa ,
      as myself , is very fond of fashion and we both study it with delectation . She just started her blog and her first article is about the whole fashion week craze and the looks she adored , and the ones she disliked . 
  I agree with her comments , but all opinions are welcomed and that's what so great about art , sometime you understand it , you love it or you just find it hideous
 Lula exposed a lot of collections including Donna Karan's , Calvin Klein's ( the black jacket is pure splendor ) , Carolina Herrera's , Micheal Kors [ perfect exemple of what i don't get , the neon green voluminous jacket is just dreadful , but then again it's my judgment ] and many more . 
Her comments are executed with precise arguments and a twist of expertise . 
   Lula , princess of the bohemian chic , on the verge of becoming America's next top Sienna Miller , has great taste when it comes to fashion so here's the adress , make sure you check it out : 
 photos of  Charlotte Ronson , Carolina Herrera , Calvin Klein 's collection . 
love , 
Nico .

Grandiosity : something meriting the highest praise or regard .

Here are some more looks from Fall 2009 that i cherish :
Oscar de La Renta , Chloe and Alexander McQueen

Simply splendid . . .

Lovely Diane .


FALL  2009
 Diane Von Furstenberg 's  fashion show : 
I adore the prints , DVF embodies bohemian chic . I also treasured her last collection
 Spring 2009 , 

Especially the sort of hairbands with flowers and feathers and the dresses , very florid and lustrous . There's a great article about Diane , sixty year old/mother/wife/designer/woman  in , and the downfall of her 70's success with the " wrap dress " along with her great comeback.  
 " The key is to love life " , well i love DVF

" Se vogliamo che tutto rimanga come e , bisogna che tutto cambi! "

 This is Lula , my  best " mate " as the australian pueblo says .  I'm not going to write a novel about how great she is with a melodramatic tone because that's too warmed-over .  
 : " You're the boss , applesauce
Instead i'd like to expose fragments of  The leopard  By Lampedusa , an exquisite  novel that we both enjoy . 

    " Nous fumes les guepards, les lions, ceux qui nous remplacerons seront les petits chacals , les hyenes ; et t
ous ensemble , guepards , chacals et moutons , nous continuerons a nous considerer comme le sel de la terre
      " Ces monuments du passe .. se trouvent autour de nous comme de tres beaux fantomes muets " 
 " la Sicile veritable [...]le soleil violent et imprudent[...] faisait l'effet d'un Narcoleptique ; maintenait toute chose dans l'immobilite " .  

" Ramasser petit a petit hors de l'immense tas de cendres du passe les p
aillettes d'or des moments heureux "
" Un enfer de souvenirs momifies "
" Le fracas de la mer se calma tout a fait "  

" Mon oncle , tu es d'une grande beaute ce soir [...] tu courtises la mort ? " 
" Elle etait grande et bien faite , sur la base de criteres genereux; sa carnation devait posseder la saveur de la creme fraiche a laquelle elle ressemblait , sa bouche enfantine celle des fraises " 
" Puis tout s'apaisa dans un petit tas de poussiere livide" 

The movie is sterling as well and Alain Delon along with Claudi
a Cardinal and Burk Lancaster are sublime actors . 


 BOB DYLAN : an american singer , song writer , a author , a poet  , a painter and an important figure in popular music . 
 His lyrics incorporate political, philosophical and social influences. Most of them seem incoherent yet through the confrontation and confusion between words , Dylan builds poems . This nonsense echoes the chaotic aspect of reality . 
  A very pronounced impact of society in his songs , he was influenced by his streets , by what surrounded him .  
He belongs to this sort of liberal movement of the 60's era. 
" A poem is a naked person .. some people say that i am a poet" 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Sometimes i think i was born backwards. "

This is  a TV series that i recently discovered . It's considered like the best " teenage " series since years . 
It's a sort of melting pot , many different characters : intelligent , shy , self-conscious, muslim , gay 
, lazy , goofy and more " wankers" . 

Anyway , i love it . 
Here is how to view full episodes : 

Sid : ( to himself ) : Every time. Every fucking time " buy three ounces of weed , sidney " . Oh yes sir. " Shove a bag of pull up your ass, Sidney " Oh , right
 away. " Come and save me some random bint" Oh could I? What have we learned Sidney ? Your Friends are shitheads .

It's hilarious yet profound , reflects the common problems that so many adolescents share . Written with  shamelessness - drugs and sex are involved without any prudishness. 

Art is what you can get away with.


I love Andy Warhol and therefore i feel the obligation to write a little article about my favorite artist of the sixties.
" I never read , i just look at pictures " 
   Warhol began to make paintings and producing prints of iconic American Products ( Campbell soup cans , Coca Cola ) as well as celebrities ( Marylin Monroe , Elvis ) . He founded " The factory " , a studio , and gathered around himself artists, writers , musicians , underground
 superstar ( note to self : write an article about the factory later on ) .  Andy , who later became " the pope of pop " painted what he loved the most ( money per example ) . Though his work seemed banal it explicitly exposed the consumer society and the American way of life
" In the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes " 
He became Popular and Controversial. 
He later included himself in the cinema industry by making experimental, underground films. They were often considered pornographic ( ref : beauty # 2 with my beloved Edie or Blow job  ) 
"  Andy : I think everybody should like everybody
Gene Swenson : Is That what Pop Art is all about ? 
Andy : Yes , it's liking things " 

Source : Wikipedia , and Wikiquote . 

La Parisienne .

  I was reading a french magazine earlier today and i saw this article about how foreigners ste
reotype the parisian woman . I though it was quite interesting and funny  because most of them think we all resemble Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot . 
   Stereotype # 1 : The french woman is Sexy 
  Some are , some aren't . It's pure logic  . They think we're so sexual but i've been to american parties where teenage girls were wearing a bunny costume, laces  in the most vulgar way , it made me think of a lipgloss orgy.. moving on ..  
Stereotype # 2 : The french woman never shaves 
Uhh .. okay perhaps we didn't during the world war II because we were busy getting killed but nowadays i assure you that our armpits are clean . 
 Stereotype # 3 : The french woman smokes
 i agree with this , in fact i'm a smoker . 
    Most people think that sublime parisian women delicately smoke  cigarettes and look absolutely divine .  I think we manage to still look classy with killer tobacco and that's pretty amazing i must say . . You immediately think of the beautiful woman sitting in a " cafe " drinking a coffee and smoking " the " cigarette ;  the Femme Fatale  , so cliche but i love it .  
   Anyway that's my opinion   and everyone has theirs of course but i do think that the myth of the french woman is pathetic and over estimated .. 


What do you think i'd see if i could walk away from me ?

 I chose this quote from the song  "Candy Says " ( Velvet underground ) as a title to introduce my fascination for the sixties that you are bound to hear about in this blog . 
     there's so much to say that i would love to express freely but i have to admit my english level is not remarkable . I' ll start by introducing myself , even though it's quite " cliche " . 
 My name is Naomi , but i often invent myself other names as i recreate a new personality that matches . They're quite ridiculous but i don't take myself too seriously so that works : " Nico" is my favorite one , it refers to The singer of the Velvet underground and an important persona of the andy Warhol's factory . 
  I'm from France , " Paris " to be precise , a city that i love for its fashion ,its monuments , its heritage and the list goes on . It's a very social city , you tend to go out a lot and enjoy " paris by night " . My favorite places include Saint-Germain and Montmartre .  People always talk about Paris as a romantic city , i feel stupid because i never experienced  love  in Paris although i have to say " entre nous " that the boys/men are simply gorgeous , a bit bad too but us girls love that , don't we? 
 I'm currently in High School but in less than a year i'll be somewhere , studying litterature and cinema , well i hope . I'm also very interested in the fashion industry , i don't have a favorite designer but my preferences revolve around Diane Von Furstenberg , Chloe , Stella McCartney , Oscar de La Renta ( if one day i get to walk on the red carpet , you will see me in one of his dresses ) and Gucci ... but then again i'm not an expert ( yet ) .  My fashion Icons are Edie Sedgwick , Janis Joplin but i also like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss . 

Oh , and i love music , rock'n'roll,  Led Zeppelin , The Yardbirds , Jimi Hendrix  ; punk rock ,  I am a huge fan of The Clash and especially Joe Strummer ; folk , Bob Dylan ; Soul and reggae . 
I don't really like 00's artists although i do enjoy The Babyshambles , Coldplay . . . 

 Anyway , i'm not going to reveal myself in one article because i have many more to write yet poor inspiration . This Blog evolves around all that i find entertaining ( society , trends , fashion , art , litterature , cinema , existential problematics .. )